The words DIY Methods written in a cut out letters from magazines like a collage or randsom note

📬 DIY METHODS 2022 📬

The digital proceedings of the 2022 DIY Methods Conference can be downloaded here. Please note that this is a fairly large file and may take a few minutes to dowload. It will need to be unzipped afterwards.

The proceedings are also archived on H-Commons, at

Access a screen reader friendly plain text version (image descriptions included).


Cover of the zine a Very Specific Guide to Anywhere. It features a collage of vintage illustrations of figures, including a car, motorbike, bicycle, and pair of youths with a walking stick move down a zig zaggy path on a background of faded sepia tone

Authors that contributed a zine to the conference all recieved a set of print copies. We regret that these included a misprint of Veerle Spronck and Marlies Vermeulen's A Very Specific Guide to Anywhere. In the folded back cover, the inner pages were not printed. This does not affect the version included in the digital conference proceedings.

Contributing authors to the conference will therefore likely want to amend this error by printing and glueing in the missing pieces into their print copy. To do so, please download this pdf of the zine and print pages 7 and 10 with no scaling. These can then be easily cut and pasted into place, per the picture below.

Dithered photo of the zine with the back flap opened and new pages, including a googlemap and a postcard backing, pasted in place

Sorry for the inconvenience, and happy exploring to all!

Title page of Dangerously Inspired Yodels. The subtitle reads: ameta hybrid academic perzine about DIY feminism. It is illustrated by hand with a hawk, a staple remover, a vitage perferated page, and a plant vine

Additionally, the zine Dangerously Inspired Yodels should have been printed on legal sized paper, rather than letter. The author would like to offer interested participants a free copy mailed to their address. Please reach out to izzyhays [at/] if interested.

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